Benefits of Our Ingredients

essential oilsEssential oils and natural butters have been used in beauty and skin products for decades. Not only good for your skin, but they also have aroma therapy benefits. Accelerate Beauty's handmade cold processed soap bars are made from 15 essential oils and butters to make the perfect bar of organic soap! Our popular Black Hawaiian Salt Foot scrub is made with lava salt and activated charcoal! Below is a list of our ingredients and the benefits of using them. (For questions about our ingredients contact our soap artist, Christy at


Avocado Oil - rich in vitamins A, D & E, this oil is particularly good for dry skin and has healing and regenerating properties

Canola Oil - a natural emollient, rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin.

Castor Oil - soothing and lubricating to the skin, this oil works well in combination with other oils in soap

Coconut Oil - great for keeping moisture in the skin and has excellent cleansing properties and contributing to a light fluffy lather

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - nourishing and calming to the skin with softening and excellent penetrating qualities

Safflower Oil - soothes bruises and irritations and is easily absorbed as it conditions and softens

Soybean Oil - naturally rich in moisturizing and emollient characteristics

Sunflower Oil - extremely moisturizing with vitamin E

Sweet Almond Oil - prevents dehydration of the skin and has excellent cleansing and anti-inflammatory qualities

Grapeseed Oil - conditioning and mildly astringent on the skin to help tighten and tone

Jojoba Oil - contains vitamins E and B, helps treat dry skin, soothes and helps remove wrinkles and stretch marks

Palm Oil - aids in creating a hard, long lasting bar that cleanses well and is mild on skin (*we only use sustainable palm oil in our products)

Vitamin E Oil - protects against free radicals and soothes irritated skin


Mango Butter - prevents drying, reduces degeneration of the skin and aids in restoring the skin’s elasticity

Shea Butter - rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E, protecting the skin from damage, great for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin

Cocoa Butter - naturally hydrating and easily absorbs into the skin as an excellent moisturizer


Cassia - Scent: cinnamon-like, spicy, earthy, aromatic facets, coming from Cinnamomum aromaticum. Concentrated and intense spice note. Benefits: anti-diarrhea, antidepressant, anti-emetic, anti-galactogogue, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, astringent, antiviral, carminative, circulatory, emenagogue, febrifuge and stimulant substance.

Cinnamon - Scent: spicy, woody, fruity, with a bite note. Benefits: comforting, warming (spasms, aphrodisiac, foot fungus, stimulates circulation)

Coffee Bean - Scent: freshly brewed boldness with notes of toasty chocolate and bitter spice. Benefits: stimulating, mood enhancing, energizing (antioxidant, acne, psoriasis, eczema, cellulite, detoxifying, respiratory problems, depression, uplifting, bug bites / stings, fever, nausea)

Eucalyptus - Scent: camphoraceous, sweet, woody. Benefits: purifying, invigorating (burns, blisters, cuts, insect bites, skin infections, wounds, analgesic, pain, calming, sedative, anti-hypertensive)

Jasmine - Scent: intensely floral, fatty with a musk note, and a back note of hay and honey. Benefits: calming, relaxing, sensual, romantic (dry, irritated, sensitive skin, headache, menstrual problems, balance women's hormones, labor pain, relieves depression, nervous exhaustion, stress relief, brings joy, aphrodisiac, soothes emotions)

Lavender - Scent: floral, fruity, slightly herbal. Benefits: balancing, soothing, normalizing, calming, relaxing, healing (sedative, calming, insomnia, muscle relaxant, inflammation, powerful tonic for the entire system, acne, burns, sunburn, eases depression, hiccups, skin conditions, asthma, bronchitis, headaches)

Lemongrass - Scent: citrus, herbaceous, and smoky. Benefits: vitalizing, cleansing (digestive, anti-inflammatory properties, sedative, promotes good digestion, reduces cellulite, athlete’s foot, excessive perspiration, open pores, tones the tissues, soothes a headache, stimulates thyroid gland, psychic awareness)

Litsea Cubeba - Scent: Spicy, lemon, citrus, with vegetative notes. Benefits: refreshing (acne, dermatitis, excessive perspiration, greasy skin, spots; antiseptic, deodorant, digestive, disinfectant, stimulant)

Orange - Scent: citrus, sugary sweet with floral back-note. Benefits: cheering, refreshing, uplifting, energizing, gives courage (revives wrinkled skin, dull and oily skin, antiseptic, nervousness, tension and stress, digestion, depression, nerve sedative, insomnia)

Peppermint - Scent: minty, hot, herbaceous, with a vegetative back note. Benefits: vitalizing, refreshing, cooling (acne, dermatitis, decongestant, headache (blended with Lavender), migraines, nerve pain (sciatica), cools a fever, menstrual cramps, sinusitis, calms the mind, depression, respiratory distress, aching muscles, nausea)

Rosemary - Scent: herbaceous and camphoraceous. Benefits: clarifying, invigorating (acne, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, nervous fatigue, depression, dry skin, regenerates the body, digestive, arthritis, mental fatigue)

Spearmint -  Scent: sweet, mint, warm with fern and back note of herbal. Benefits: refreshing, cooling, vitalizing, calming (acne, dermatitis, congested skin, inflammation, stress relief, respiratory and chronic bronchitis, nervous stress and tension, stimulating, acne, skin irritations, headache, fever, nausea, mental strain, fatigue)

Tea Tree - Scent: herbaceous, and leathery with a green back note. Benefits: cleansing, purifying, uplifting (acne, athlete's foot, blisters, burns, cold sores, dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin, rashes, spots, wounds, infections, immune stimulant, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-candida, anti-viral, anti-parasite, anesthetic after shock, chicken pox, cold sores, sunburn, skin irritations and diseases)

Vanilla - Scent: floral, rich, sweet, warm, honey, basamic, with a back note of hay. Benefits: calming, comforting, balancing (aphrodisiac, warming, soothing)

Ylang-Ylang - Scent: tropical, fruity, fatty, sweet, and floral. Benefits: sensual, euphoric (acne, irritated and oily skin, general skin care, pain relief, aphrodisiac, nerve tonic, euphoric, sedative, eases depression, anti-spasmodic, all types of skin conditions)


Activated Charcoal - removes toxins and reduces instances of acne and other impurities in the skin such as makeup and excess oils

Oatmeal -  soothing to the skin and naturally exfoliating

Micas -  micas, are natural elements derived from metamorphic rocks and minerals. They are used as additives in some soaps to provide color and shimmer.

Pigments - synthetic iron oxides and ultramarines that add color to the soap mixtures. *note, we try to use as few pigments as possible when coloring our soaps and not all soaps contain pigments for coloring.

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) - Soap is a result of mixing oils, or fatty acids, with alkali. The result is a chemical reaction (saponification) that creates a totally different substance we know as soap. You cannot make real soap without using lye. No lye remains in our finished bars of soap. In fact, we use more oils and butters than can be absorbed in the saponification process (superfatting). This means our soaps have extra moisturizing qualities that are excellent for the skin.