Accelerate Beauty and Saving Grace Soap Co

Hi! I'm Diana Blackburn (aka Daredevil Girl). That's me on the right, in the picture below. I was inspired by the popularity of my sea urchin sting video on my You Tube channel to approach my dear friend and owner or Saving Grace Soap Co., Christy Atkinson. I said, "Christy. Can you make some kind of foot treatment with black Hawaiian lava sea salt in it?" What she came up with is an amazing Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt Foot Scrub! I then created a Shopify store called Accelerate Beauty to sell this organic, healing foot scrub as well as some of Christy's other natural hand made beauty products. Accelerate Beauty carries organic soaps and scrubs handmade by Saving Grace Soap Co. out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Making handmade soaps is Saving Grace's passion. Using small batch methods and a special blend of butters and essential oils, Saving Grace has created a quality moisturizing bar soap that not only lasts, but we know you'll love!

Saving Grace Handmade Soap

Christy is the founder of Saving Grace Soap Co. For the past several years she has struggled with a debilitating illness which, at times, had her bedridden for weeks on end.

"There were days when I thought my suffering would never end. Then, I discovered soap. I quickly fell in love with the artistry of soap making, and the processes became my release. I have spent hours perfecting the cold process way of hand making soaps out of natural, organic ingredients and essential oils. I make small batches from my 15 oil formula to create that perfect balance. Soap making has become my passion and this is my Saving Grace!" - Christy Atkinson

We know you will love all handmade products from Accelerate Beauty. This is not a big corporate company store. All of our beauty products are handmade with love. Try them out and ACCELERATE BEAUTY! You will be glad you did. Love yourself! You are your biggest investment!

Thanks for shopping,

Diana Blackburn (Daredevil Girl)